Advice and Information Centres

Here you will find links and information about organisations that will listen to you and provide information and guidance.

  • Citizens Advice

  • Health Connections

    • Health Connections can help you through the process of travelling to the UK for care or treatment.
    • They have premises both at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and next to the Ron Short Centre, Beau Sejour. At the hospital use Le Vauquiedor Entrance - follow this link for accessibility information. People with large wheelchairs can access the Beau Sejour premises via the Ron Short Centre conservatory. Follow this link for accessibility information about the centre.
  • Wigwam 

    • Wigwam Support Group offers friendship, support and advice to parents, families and friends who have, or are involved with, a child with a disability.  
  • The Youth Commission

    • The Youth Commission provides support and activities for children and young people in the Bailiwick. 
  • Tourist Information 

  • Easy Health

    • Easyhealth is where you can find 'accessible' health information . 'Accessible' information is information that uses easy words with pictures. There are over 500 leaflets on Easyhealth, made by many different organisations. You can print off nearly all the leaflets straight away.