Supported living accommodation

Below you will find information about the accommodation and support available for your child to live a more independent life. Although this support becomes available when your child is 18 years old, we really want to work with you from when they are 16 or 17 to help us plan.

  • What is supported accommodation?

    • Supported accommodation can include the following:
      • a house or flat, where you receive support from adult disability professionals or other organisations;
      • a care home or a nursing home; or
      • extra care housing.
  • What is supported housing?

    • Supported housing is assistance that is provided to enable someone to manage on a day to day basis whilst they are living in their own home. It can include things like:
      • help with budgeting and paying bills;
      • planning meals and shopping;
      • emotional support; and
      • help to pursue social or leisure interests.
  • Who can access housing support?

    • Housing support is suitable for a variety of people with support needs. For example, you may want housing support if you:
      • Have a learning disability
      • Have a mental health issue
      • Have a sensory impairment or physical disability
      • Are moving into a tenancy after being homeless
      • Are at risk of becoming homeless
      • Have drug or alcohol dependency issues.

If you are thinking of moving into accommodation where your needs will be better supported, or if you are the parent of a child or adult with a disability who would like to ensure the safety and security of your child and are committed to supporting a more independent lifestyle, please contact the Adult Community Services Switchboard (tel. 725241) to discuss the options that are available.