Here you will find information about schools in Guernsey and the support available to your child throughout their education.

Education Services have a dedicated website that you can explore yourself by following this link. Alternatively, we can take you through the education system from pre-school to school leavers. Remember, no decision should be made without your involvement, so do keep asking questions if you are ever unclear.

If you are not sure which school will meet your child's needs, contact the Child Development Centre (tel. 01481 213600) or  for pre-school children. For school-age children contact Education Services tel. (01481) 733000.

  • Special schools

    • Le Rondin School is a purpose-built Special Primary School and Centre for pupils aged 3-11.
    • Le Murier School is divided into three departments: Middles (Years 7-9) is for students aged 11-14; Seniors (Years 10+11) is for students aged 14-16; and Sensory and Communication (Years 7-13).
    • Les Voies School is the Guernsey school for children and young people who experience social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
    • Two specialist Communication and Autism Bases, at Amherst Primary School and St Sampson's High School, provide for children aged 4-16 who have a Determination of Special Educational Needs with Communication and Interaction as the primary category of need.
    • To be considered for admission to Le Rondin or Le Murier, children would have undergone or be undergoing a formal assessment organised by the Child Development Centre which identifies their prime area of need as one of the following:
      • Moderate learning difficulties and/or additional needs
      • Severe learning difficulties
      • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
    • Pupils may also have additional needs:
      • Communication and interaction difficulties
      • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
      • Sensory, physical and medical difficulties
    • For more information about Special Schools, please follow this link.
  • Off-island placements

    • If your child is placed off island for health reasons, Education Services will work with you to ensure their education continues as well as possible.
  • Transition 14-19 years

    • 'Transition' means change and refers to the time when a young person is progressing from one phase of education to another, or moving on from full-time education at school.
    • The important transition points for young people include:
      • Age 13/14 (School Year 9) - deciding what to study in Years 10 and 11
      • Age 15/16 (School Year 11) - deciding what to do after Year 11
      • Age 16+ (School Year 12 and above) - deciding what to do after leaving full-time education.
    • Each young person is given a transition plan and is treated as an individual with varying levels of achievement at school and different aspirations and ideas for the future.
    • For more information about transition planning, what is included in the Transition Plan, and information leaflets about the further education, training and employment options available in Guernsey, please follow this link.
  • Post-16 and lifelong learning

    • There are a number of options available to children and young people with learning disabilities during their transition from school to their next steps on the path to adulthood:
      • All students enter Le Murier on the Life Skills Pathway to develop their independence, communication and living skills.
      • Guernsey College of Further Education provides post-16 education for young people leaving school. The Access Course has been specifically designed to support school leavers to continue in education up to the age of 19 years by preparing them for future independence and employment.
      • The Guernsey Employment Trust aims to assist disabled people to prepare for, find and maintain work in Guernsey.
      • The States of Guernsey have an Education Services representative who facilitates students' inclusion through liaison with schools, colleges and agencies and who supports the availability of appropriate provision.
      • Voluntary organisations offer some employment opportunities for young people with disabilities: Grow Ltd, GO, Action for Children (tel.700218 or email and Autism Guernsey can all provide safe and secure working environments for disabled people with a range of care and support needs.
      • The Day Service can be accessed by young people who are 18+ with learning difficulties. Follow the links to check accessibility at the Western Community Centre (Styx), which is among the venues used by Day Services.
  • Music Centre

    • The Guernsey Music Centre is operated and run by the Guernsey Music Service. The Guernsey Music Service was established in 1978 and now supports more than 700 young musicians offering both individual and group lessons. For further information please follow this link.
  • Careers Guernsey

    • Careers Guernsey is an all-age careers service providing free, impartial careers information, advice and guidance to help people get a job.